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Fairfield Board of Education
15 Knoll Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004 

2017 Calendar Year

Communications Protocol 

Parents should address questions/concerns to the teacher.  If it is a building level/department issue or no resolution occurred by going to the teacher, the building principal or supervisor should be contacted.  If there is a district level issue or no resolution occurred by going to the building principal or supervisor,  the Superintendent may be contacted.  

Community members should address their questions to the individual principals/supervisors and then to the Superintendent, if necessary. 

Staff members must follow the chain of command within the school system and address their concerns to their immediate supervisor first. 

Board Members

Email Address:

  • Mr. Pat Freda, President   
  • Mr. Jeffery Didyk, Vice President
  • Mr. Brian Egan
  • Dr. Michael Sapienza
  • Ms. Andrea Jandoli
  • Ms. Susan Ciccotelli, Superintendent - Non-Voting member
  • Ms. Lyanna Rios, Bd. Secretary/Business Admin - Non-Voting member

Committee Members

  Committee Chairperson Member
  Building and Grounds   Brian Egan
  Curriculum/Technology Pat Freda  
  Finance Pat Freda Andrea Jandoli
  Negotiations Pat Freda Jeffrey Didyk
  Personnel   Andrea Jandoli
  Policy Jeffrey Didyk  
  Special Education   Jeffrey Didyk
  Liaison HSA/ Public Relations Jeffrey Didyk Andrea Jandoli
  Liaison: Fairfield Township Pat Freda Brian Egan
  Delegate: NJ School Board Association Andrea Jandoli N/A
  Delegate: Essex Cty. School Board Assc./Legislative   N/A
  Delegate: Municipal Alliance Pat Freda N/A


Annual Public Meeting Notice

In accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act (P.L. 1975, Chapter 231) the public is hereby NOTIFIED of the following:

Meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month, unless otherwise noted, beginning at approximately 7:30 PM in the Library/Media Center of Stevenson School, 15 Knoll Road, Fairfield, NJ 07004      

2018 Meeting Schedule
  January 3, 2019 Reorg. Meeting
  January 22, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  February 26, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  March  19, 2019 Regular  Meeting/Adoption of Tentative Budget
  April  30, 2019 Regular  Meeting/Adoption of Budget
  May  21, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  June  13, 2019 (Thursday) Regular  Meeting
  August  6, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  August  27, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  September  24, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  October  22, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  November 19, 2019 Regular  Meeting
  December  17, 2019 Regular  Meeting

Lyanna Rios
Board Secretary/Business Administrator
Dated:  Thursday, January 3, 2019

This notice supersedes all prior notices.
Questions regarding this notice can be directed to the Board of Education Office at 973-227-1340