Registration Forms

 Affidavit A - Homeowner
 Affidavit B1 - Renters NO Formal Lease
 Affidavit B2 - Renters Formal Lease
 Affidavit C - Living with Fairfield Resident
 Future Resident form
 Home Language Survey.docx
 Immunization Records.docx
 Online Registration Application NEW Students (pdf)
 Physical Exam (pdf)
 Registration Application RENEWAL (pdf)
 Release of Records.DOC

New Student Registration

Online Kindergarten registration will begin on February 1st for the 2024-2025 school year.  Children reaching the age of five, on or before October 1, 2024, are eligible to register for Kindergarten. All registration documents should be completed online. Once uploaded, the documents will be reviewed and any issues will be addressed accordingly.

Please begin the registration process below for ALL students:

Parents are advised to review and compile all necessary information, including the completion and uploading of forms, (it is helpful if you include your last name in the saved file name) before beginning the online portion of the registration.

To begin the process of registering your child for the Fairfield Public School District, please complete the online portion of the registration by clicking on Open Registration.

Please have the following information available to upload when registering your child (please note the registration forms can be found on the district website

  1. Childs original birth certificate
  2. Certificate of Residency
    1. Homeowner (Affidavit A)
      Upload Notarized Affidavit along with (1) Deed OR contract of sale OR current Fairfield property tax statement.
      Upload 3 additional current bills/statements listing your address.
    2. Landlord/Tenant (Affidavit B1) – NO FORMAL LEASE
      Upload Notarized Affidavit – Landlord completes the top portion and parent completes the bottom.
      Upload 3 current bills/statements listing your address.
    3. Landlord (Affidavit B2) – FORMAL LEASE
      Upload Notarized Affidavit, a formal lease and 3 current bills/statements listing your address.
  3. Residency Family (Affidavit C) – Living with a Fairfield Resident
    1. Upload Notarized Affidavit signed by parent AND homeowner/renter you are living with.
      Upload 3 current bills/statements with at least one parent’s name listing your address.
    2. If the resident you live with owns their home, see #2 a. above.
    3. If the resident you live with rents their home, see #2 b. or #2 c. above.
  4. Completed Immunization Record

(Submit most recent records dated within 1 year of child’s start date)
(Individual dates of all immunization must be recorded by your physician)

  1. Completed physical exam

(Submit most recent physical exam dated within 1 year of child’s start date)
(To be completed, dated and singed by your child's physician)

  1. Home Language Survey
  2. Registration Application

Should you have any questions regarding the registration process, please feel free to contact Pat Iandolo at or 973-227-5586.