Registration Forms

 Fairfield Registration Form (pdf)
 Future Resident form
 Home Language Survey.docx
 Homeowner Affidavit A
 Physical Exam (pdf)
 Release of Records (pdf)
 Renter Affidavit B1 - if you hold a legal\formal lease
 Renter Affidavit B2 - if you do not hold a legal\formal lease
 Residency Family Affidavit C


ALL Registrations: Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades 1-6. 

All current Fairfield preschoolers must re-register for kindergarten.

A birth certificate or passport is required for each registrant.

Go to the forms link and choose the following: Print one (1) for each registrant.

  • Application Form
  • Physical Form
  • Immunization Form
  • Home Language Form

If your child is coming from another school also print out the Release of Records form.

Residency Forms:

  1. Homeowner’s (Affidavit A).  Supply deed (1st page with your names and the address AND the last signature page), contract of sale OR current tax bill AND 2 additional bills.
  2. Use Renter's Affidavit B1 if you do not have a formal lease. Landlord completes the top portion and parent the bottom, which must be notarized. Supply 2 bills.
  3. Use Renter's Affidavit B2 if you hold a formal lease complete and attach your lease. Supply 2 bills.
  4. Family Affidavit (Affidavit C) if you live with a relative.  Complete the form and have it notarized. Must be signed by parent and relative you are living with, have notarized and supply 2 current bills with at least one parent’s name and the address.


  • If the relative you live with owns their home they supply #1 above.
  • If the relative you live with rents, they supply #2 above.


  • You can bring the documents to 277 Fairfield Road, Suite 208 – CALL FIRST 973-227-5586 
  • You can FAX to 973-227-2964
  • You can mail to Pat Iandolo, 277 Fairfield Road, Suite 208, Fairfield, NJ 07004
  • You can SCAN and email the documents to (do not take pictures of the documents please.)