Registration Forms

 Future Resident form
 Homeowner Affidavit A
 Renters Affidavit B
 Residency-Family Affidavit C
 Home Language Survey.docx
 Physical Exam (pdf)
 Registration Form
 Release of Records (pdf)


ALL Registrations: Preschool, Kindergarten and Grades 1-6. 

All current Fairfield preschoolers must re-register for kindergarten.

A birth certificate or passport is required for each registrant.

Go to the forms link and choose the following: Print one (1) for each registrant.

  • Application Form
  • Physical Form
  • Immunization Form
  • Home Language Form

If your child is coming from another school also print out the Release of Records form.

Residency Forms:

  1. Homeowner’s (Affidavit A).  Have form notarized: Supply deed, contract of sale OR current tax bill AND 2 additional bills.
  2. Renter’s (Affidavit B). Complete the top and have it notarized and attach formal lease and supply 2 current bills. If you do not have a formal lease, have the landlord complete the bottom and include the start and stop dates of the lease period, landlord’s name, address, and signature.
  3. Family Affidavit (Affidavit C) if you live with a relative.  Complete the form and have it notarized. Must be signed by parent and relative you are living with, have notarized and supply 2 current bills with at least one parent’s name and the address.


  • If the relative you live with owns their home they supply #1 above.
  • If the relative you live with rents, they supply #2 above.


  • You can bring the documents to 277 Fairfield Road, Suite 208 – CALL FIRST
  • You can FAX to 973-227-2964
  • You can mail to Kathie Festa, 277 Fairfield Road, Suite 208, Fairfield, NJ 07004
  • You can SCAN and email (do not take pictures of the documents please.)